In August 2011, the acquisition of local operating company Stagecoach Metrolink by RATP Dev resulted in the transfer of the operating and maintenance rights of the network.

Metrolink continues to be a huge success story. As Britain’s first on-street light rapid transport system it transports more than 80,000 passengers each day across Greater Manchester with 3,200 people travelling per hour in the city centre.

Services start from approximately 0530 and run every 12 minutes on each of the six lines and there are 81 vehicles available for passenger use daily which can each transport more than 200 people.

Metrolink is an environmentally friendly way to move people around urban areas. The system plays an important role in helping to control traffic congestion and air pollution. Journey times are faster, thanks to the segregated tracks in the suburbs.

The company currently employs more than 660 members of staff including 285 drivers, 111 Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s), 122 engineers and technicians and 23 Controllers

The £1.5 billion investment into extending the network between 2009 and 2016 has seen the network treble in size. The expansion programme has also seen the control room relocate from a facility at Queens Road (north of the city centre), where it has been for 20 years, to a new depot in Trafford.

Metrolink is proving to be the forerunner of many similar schemes around the country and its success has been made possible by the support that has been given by all ten district councils that make up Greater Manchester and by all the major political parties.

No. of lines: 7 No. of drivers: 330
Passengers per year: 31.2m Miles per year: 8.5m
Trams: 106


Chris Coleman

Managing Director Metrolink

Chris was appointed Managing Director of Metrolink in 2011. Chris has more than 25 years’ experience in the rail and light rail industries.

Chris joined British Rail in 1987 on the Youth Training Scheme before progressing through the supervisory and junior management grades.  Following a Management Training scheme with First North Western Trains he joined Virgin Trains in 1997 as an Assistant Business Manager and became the Director for the West Coast in 2003.

Chris joined Stagecoach in 2010 with responsibility for Commercial and Customer Service at both Metrolink in Manchester and Supertram in Sheffield and was part of the team that led the transition from Stagecoach to RATP Dev UK in August 2011.