BOURNEMOUTH: Stanza to attention as Yellows launch 2016 Valentine contest

Stanza to attention as Yellows launch 2016 Valentine contest


FOR the tenth year in a row, budding poets are being challenged by Yellow Buses to enter a Valentine’s Day contest and ‘beat the bus bard.’

Each year on or near Valentine’s Day the Yellows present red roses and cards to passengers.

The cards carry a suitably corny poem thanking people for travelling on their services throughout the year.

As this year marks a decade of Yellow love, the winner will receive chocolates, roses and a complimentary 30 day Glo smartcard providing free travel on Yellow Buses.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, has penned the first verse for this year’s poem and the Yellows are looking for at least another to complete it.

The YB contribution begins:


1s, 2s and 3

Get on the bus and Glo with me,

5s and 4s

We’d love to be yours.

So many services, so many ways

To travel with the Yellows on so many days…


Jenni said: “As this is the tenth year of the competition the winner will receive a another special prize. Tin is the anniversary gift for ten years, but we promise it won’t be a tin of beans.

“On or near Valentine’s Day we hand out roses, goodies, and cards that include the winning Valentine’s Day verse.

“People love to compose their poetry as they travel around on the Yellows and we love reading the entries; the cornier the better!”

Entries should be emailed to and the closing date for entries is Friday January 29th 2016.

Entrants should include their name, address and a daytime telephone number and be located within the Yellow Buses operating area.